Hampton....The home base.  Twelve references are hidden in this piece.




Calling all heads that called the Hampton Coliseum home! This beautiful image by Una Toibin is the scene around the fountain of the Coliseum after the legendary 10/89 “Formerly the Warlocks” shows. Looks about right, doesn’t it? (Long, Long, Crazy Night-Feel Like a Stranger from this night is on Without a Net) Many of the songs from that night’s set list are hidden in the image. So break out the recording, find the hidden clues and be amazed once again at how special that night will always be. Then, the next time you turn up the volume on this concert recording you can dance with some of the many characters who were there!


The stand saw exceptional playing both nights. Huge breakouts were a major Help/Slip/Franklin’s and We Bid You Goodnight on 10/8. The crazy night of the 9th saw Dark Star, Death Don’t and an amazing Attics of My Life. It was a touchstone performance by the boys in a great venue, our own living breathing Attic, Spaceship, and Time Machine.


Mid-Atlantic Deadheads love the place and apparently so did the band. Over the course of the 21 shows they played in the venue from 1979 to 1992 included other cloudy dreams unreal like a superb second set in 1981, another major Help/Slip/Franklin’s breakout in 1983, Drums during Scarlet/Fire and Rhythm Devils that shook the soul in 84, the return of Box of Rain in 1986, the end of Terrapin Station in 1987, second set Sugar Magnolia/Scarlet/Fire/Estimated/Eyes in 1988…and on it goes.


Special Place. Mid-Atlantic Home...Hampton.


~brian toibin



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